Winner Of The Telegraph School Award 2023

Admissions Is Going On For Session 2024-25

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Epic Public School

A Campus Designed for Excellence

At Epic Public School, we believe that a conducive learning environment is key to nurturing student success. Our campus is thoughtfully designed to support academic achievement, physical well-being, and personal growth. Explore our state-of-the-art facilities that make Epic Public School a premier institution for education.

School Building

Our School Building is an architectural marvel designed to create an inspiring and conducive learning environment. Featuring modern classrooms, spacious corridors, and well-equipped facilities, the building reflects our commitment to providing a world-class education. Its thoughtful design promotes accessibility, safety, and a sense of community among students and staff.

Reception & Front desk

Our welcoming reception and front desk area is the first point of contact for students, parents, and visitors. Staffed by friendly and helpful personnel, this space ensures smooth communication and efficient assistance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all who enter Epic Public School.

Math Lab

Our Math Lab is a hub of analytical thinking and problem-solving. Equipped with advanced tools and interactive resources, this space encourages students to explore mathematical concepts through hands-on activities and collaborative learning, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of mathematics.

Science Lab

Our state-of-the-art Science Lab is designed to spark curiosity and foster scientific inquiry. Equipped with modern instruments and safety features, this lab provides students with hands-on experience in biology, chemistry, and physics, allowing them to conduct experiments, explore theories, and develop a profound understanding of the scientific world.

Computer Lab

Our Computer Lab is a cutting-edge facility that offers students access to the latest technology and software. Designed to enhance digital literacy and technical skills, this space supports a wide range of activities, from coding and programming to graphic design and data analysis, preparing students for the technological demands of the future.


Our Library is a vibrant center of knowledge and discovery. With an extensive collection of books, digital resources, and comfortable reading areas, it provides students with a quiet and inspiring environment to study, research, and explore their literary interests. The library also hosts various programs and activities that promote a love for reading and lifelong learning.

Indoor Games Room

Our Indoor Games Room is a lively space dedicated to recreational activities and friendly competition. Equipped with facilities for chess, table tennis, carrom, and other indoor games, it offers students a fun and engaging environment to relax, develop strategic thinking, and build camaraderie with their peers.