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Epic Public School was founded by former Zee News Principle Correspondent, author and social worker Biswajit Jha and his educationist wife Dr. Sanjukta Saha. Both quit their respective jobs in Delhi in 2013 to set up an educational society which runs this unique school in the northern parts of West Bengal.

Founder Biswajit Jha

Biswajit Jha

Managing Director

Biswajit Jha is a journalist-turned-social entrepreneur writer and columnist. His debut book Bike Ambulance Dada published by Penguin India, created huge media attention all over the country and was selected as one of the most inspirational books of 2021.

He was the Principal Correspondent at Zee News and Sports Head of, when he decided to quit his job in 2013 after working in the national media in New Delhi for almost nine years, to lead a life of happiness and fulfilment in and around his village in the northern part of West Bengal.

With a guiding principle of doing something for others and upliftment of underprivileged children, he runs a charitable trust which works for the helpless people all over North Bengal. Having identified how hard unemployment hurts the educated youth, Jha advocates social entrepreneurship as the solution.

He regularly writes columns for different news portals and newspapers of the country like Times Now, CNN News 18. The Daily Guardian, Zee News etc. He works as an Adjunct Professor of Media Communication at Gyalpozhing College of Information Technology (GCIT), Mongar in eastern Bhutan. A versatile character, Jha also went to China in 2019 as a priest to perform Durga Puja for the Bengali community in Beijing, which took place inside the Indian Embassy. He is also a prominent member of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Founder Sanjukta saha

Dr Sanjukta Saha


Dr. Sanjukta Saha is a former Assistant Professor at the prestigious management college IMS, Ghaziabad and a Guest Faculty of Economics in Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University. She is also the co-founder of Epic Public School. A Gold Medallist in her master’s degree at University of North Bengal, Dr. Saha did her PhD in Economics and MBA in Human Resource Management. She has co-authored a book- “Health Outcomes in India”- along with Professor Alpana Kateja.

Her research papers on maternity and infant health attracted applause from different quarters. She also helps parents as a Parenting Consultant by arranging different seminars and TV shows. Dr Saha believes that despite India’s economic growth, primary health and education at ground level are two areas where a lot of works need to be done. Dr Saha is working at basic level to help people in those two areas. Loving, caring and well behaved, she is also engaged in different social and women empowerment activities.